Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 4!

Kumusta everyone!!
Kumusta po kayo?  Mabuti po ako.  :)  This week has been so awesome starting with the fact that I took my first nap since getting here last Sunday.  It was so wonderful!  Sister Alailima and I taught a kind of Sunday School lesson to our district last Sunday as well.  Our lesson was on having faith in Christ.  It went really well and it was so nice to teach in English instead of Tagalog.  :)  On Monday we had a really difficult lesson with our investigator Toni.  We tried to teach him about the Book of Mormon but it opened up a whole slew of questions such as "So since I'm Catholic I can't go to heaven?" and "Wait, how could Jesus appear in the Americas after he was dead?"  It was so frustrating because we couldn't answer any of his questions cause we didn't know how to answer in Tagalog!  However, in the end we did get him to finally take a Book of Mormon and it was a really good learning experience.  It was also the first time we've really tried to answer at least some of his questions and have an actual conversation instead of just talking at him.  We've also been teaching an investigator named Joy this week.  Joy was the easiest investigator to teach.  Unfortunately, we won't get to teach her anymore.  She was a booster for our self-confidence and we will miss her a lot!  On Thursday Sis. Alailima injured herself playing volleyball and couldn't move her neck because all the muscles in her neck and back were tensed up.  Only after I threatened to kill her (just kidding... sort of) did she finally give in and let herself lie down and heal instead of going to a three-hour class that evening.  She's so stubborn! :)  It was good for the both of us because we've been sick this week and sounding like we're dying every time we cough... okay, maybe that part is just me.  I'm finally getting better and not going through a ridiculous amount of cough drops and taking medicine that makes me act like I'm completely drugged during class... that was embarrassing.  :)  A lot of things about the Tagalog language finally clicked for me this week and so this week has been so great.  I was able to see Elder McGuire the day he came in along with Elder Clark who was his host!  I almost hugged him, but barely caught myself.  :)  I saw him again on Thursday and he seemed to be feeling a lot less overwhelmed.  Tomorrow Elder Clark, Elder McGuire, and Sister Vanfleet and I are going to try to meet and get a picture by the big map they have here since Elder Clark leaves on Monday.  Oh yeah!  I see Sister Vanfleet like a gazillion times every day since she is in my zone and both her classroom and her bedroom are like 10 feet away from mine, and Sister Umstead and Sister Koloi are in her bedroom too.  It's been so much fun to hang out with someone from home all the time.  Lastly, yesterday during gym time I was playing Fry-em, or Speed, or Knock-out as they call it here, with the elders from my district and I was on fire!  It was a missionary miracle!  Seriously, I shot it from half-court and it swished in!  Now all the elders think I'm some sort of basketball pro and I keep trying to tell them it's just like the Holy Ghost helping me out or something but they're not convinced.  :)  Anyways... I miss you all so much! 
Until next week!
Sister Dickison
p.s. here is a picture from this morning's sack breakfast with most of our district :)

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