Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week 3 at the MTC!‏

Kumusta everyone! 
So this last week has been awesome but challenging.  It's amazing how fast the language is coming when I compare it to learning German, however, there are times where it feels like it's coming so slowly, especially when we teach our investigators and can't answer any of there questions because we don't know the Tagalog words to use.  Our teachers push us really hard which as a whole is really good for our district because with the exceptions of Elder Tinsely, Elder Jones, and Sister Umstead, the rest of us are not perfectionists and really need to be pushed.  Again with the exceptions of those three members of our district, we also have a really hard time focusing.  That was our goal this week - to focus, and we pretty much failed miserably.  However, I can see the progression everyone else has made both in the language and in "becoming a missionary" since I got here so hopefully I'm progressing as well.  :) 
One of the best things about being here is, as my Polynesian sisters would say, "I have found my people."  I have never connected with people so easily before!  It's also cool to finally be in a place where no one has any previous knowledge of who I was or who they thought I was so I can just be me as I am right now and that's the only "me" they know.  :)
Today, on my preparation day I get to write a talk for sacrament meeting tomorrow in case they ask me right then and there to give one (yeah, it's stressful, and in Tagalog), prepare a lesson that Sister Alailima and I volunteered to teach our district about (yeah, don't know why we did that), and prepare to teach two 20 minute lessons tonight to volunteers all in Tagalog.  So much for today being our "free day".  I'm realizing that as a missionary, there is no free time, ever.  This last two and half weeks have definitely taught me about what a real hard work ethic is. 
Sister Alailima and I continue to be best friends, which is great, however we're both realizing that there are downfalls to being so similar and getting along ridiculously well with each other.  We don't learn as much from each other as I feel like we would if we had more differences.  So I'm trying to look to some of the other members of my district to help me to grow in that way. 
I'm still adjusting to following rules I don't think are necessary/don't understand.  This probably doesn't surprise any of you.  :)  This experience has definitely been very humbling and is teaching me a lot about life skills I feel like I'm severely lacking. 
I love you all!  Thank you so much for your support and prayers!  Until next week!  :) 
Love, Sister Dickison

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