Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy P-day for week 2!‏

Hey everyone!
Thank you for the emails and the love and support!  I'm going to apologize in advance for the lack of personal emails and such.  The hour they give us for emailing on p-day goes by way too quickly and snail mail is basically out of the question.  If anyone wants to see the pictures I sent, hopefully someone in my family will be uploading them to my blog sometime during the next few days.
So... What a week!  The first few days here were super tough but this last week has been amazing!  My district has become my family and it's so great to have so many brothers and sisters to support each other and laugh together during these great but often overwhelming times.
Okay, some of the highlights have been getting to go on our temple walk last week as a district (the pics from that will be on my blog), singing in the MTC choir for a devo. last Tuesday night, wrapping up teaching our first investigator, Ervin (he commited to baptism!), getting a back massage from Sister Alailima (seriously, it was amazing), and the best thing has definitely been the nightly priesthood blessings that the elders in our district have been giving.  The power of the priesthood is so amazing and everytime one of us receives a blessing the room is just full of that power and love.  It's wonderful!  Our mission pres. recommended that we do these blessings as a way for the elders to practice using their priesthood authority, but I feel like they have been such a great blessing because they have helped us grow in our love for each other. 
We're often exhausted, especially in the evenings, and as a result a lot of us (especially me) quickly run low on patience.  I've been praying for more patience in every prayer I've said this week (which is a LOT of prayers) and hopefully I'm doing a little bit better. 
The language is coming along ridiculously fast proving that yes, the gift of tongues is real.  :)  I remember getting here last week and listening to the other members of our zone speaking Tagalog and wondering how in the world I could do that so quickly.  It's definitely possible and totally amazing!
Thanks again for your support and your love!  I hope you all have an amazing week!
Love, Sister Dickison

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