Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kumasta Po Kayo!

(We are guessing pero means but or however in Tagalog)
Kumusta everyone!
Wow... these last few days have been insane!!  So Wednesday's schedule was jam-packed because we were having a 4th of July celebration on Thursday so stuff we normally would be doing then got bumped up to Wednesday.  Not going to lie... Wednesday was rough and I barely got any sleep that night, pero it's been a lot easier since that first day. 
Thursday was supposed to be our first "normal day" pero because of the celebration it wasn't and we got to bed around midnight.  The celebration was amazing!  Everyone was there, and I mean everyone!  We sang a ton of patriotic hymns and then we got to watch 17 Miracles, which was fun, first because it was a movie, and secondly because it felt like we were all breaking the rules by watching a movie at the MTC.  :)  We watched fireworks afterwards, pero they were nothing compared to the fireworks for the Summer Games. 
Yesterday was our first really normal day and it was pretty darn great!  I've learned how to pray in Tagalog and I'm still trying to learn how to bear my testimony in Tagalog.  We taught our first investigator, Ervin, and it was a disaster.  We just sat in awkward silence for forever pero I could still feel the Spirit really strong, so it was still great. Thankfully, he was very, very nice so my companion, Sister Alailima and I, just kept on saying Pasensiya ( I can't spell that) Tagalog Hindi Mabuti, which means Sorry, Tagalog no good, and desperately praying for divine inspiration.  We teach him agian tonight... this time with no notes (ha!) so it should be very, very interesting.  Sometimes I understood what he was saying, pero I couldn't speak back to him in Tagalog.  It was so frustrating!  I'm really learning patience with myself and this language. 
I love my companion so much!  We work very well together as well as with the other two Sisters in our district - Sister Koloi and Sister Umstead.  The Elders (all eight of them) act like 18 year olds, which most of them are, pero we love them anyways, especially when we're about to crack and then they make us laugh until tears start running down our faces. 
I can't really describe what our normal schedule is like because we haven't really had one yet.  Even this Sunday is different because it is fast Sunday.  Unfortunately the temple will be closed until August, so I don't even know if we'll ever get to do endowments or anything, pero we still get to go on our "temple walk" tomorrow with our district.
I've been able to see so many, many friends!  I've seen Elder Clark at least three times every day, in addition to seeing Sister Harless and... Sister Dangerfield!  :)  That was the best moment ever!  She said she saw my family after they dropped me off and was so grateful! 
Okay... my time's almost up.  I love all of you!  Thanks for your prayers, they truly help!
Love, Sister Dickison

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