Saturday, August 3, 2013

One Week Left!

Kumusta everyone!  Wow!  Every week here at the MTC has topped the last one (thank goodness).  Thank you so much for the letters and packages!  This week I received a letter from Mr. Josh Palmer, the Whitelaws, and a package from some of my favorite ladies from work. :)  Thank you so much!  So yesterday we got our flight plans (Ah!).  We will be leaving here at 4:00 on Monday, August 12th, and we will be stopping at the SLC airport, the Los Angeles airport, the Hong Kong airport (hehe!), and then land in the Manila airport.  My whole district gets to fly together which is great, because I don't want to start having to say good-bye and crying any earlier than is absolutely necessary. 
I can't believe how fast this last month has flown by!  I feel like I've lived here for the last four years, but at the same time I just got here.  On Wednesday our district had the opportunity to host the "newbies".  It was so much fun to do something a little different for a change!  It was also fun to watch everyone say good-bye to their families.  I honestly don't remember much of what happened when I was dropped off at the curb because I was so concerened about being late - yeah, totally shouldn't have been.  The first girl I hosted lives just down the hall from me and is part of our zone.  The second girl arrived here with her twin brother.  They and their family members were all extremely emotional and it was bittersweet to watch as their parents said good-bye to two instead of just one of their kids.  Both of these Sisters commented on how surprised they were that everyone was so friendly and that I seemed to know half the people here.  It was funny, because I remember feeling that way when I first got here too.  Doing nothing else but the Lord's work makes you super happy I guess. Why wouldn't it? :)  And I've learned that since you spend so much time with the members of your district and zone, you really do get to know a lot of people really well really quickly. 
The language is still coming along.  I'm not feeling too stressed about not being able to speak it because everyone I know says you get out into the field and you don't know anything anyone is saying, but that eventually it comes.  Sounds like fun.  :) 
So something silly that made my week... All of our elders have been finding green army men all over their residences and other places and this last week they put them all up in our classroom.  It was so cool looking!  Especially when Sister Umstead made a parachute out of tissues for one of them and it really worked.  :)  Unfortunately, we took them down after being told it didn't really look "professional" however I was able to enjoy listening to the elders providing commentaries for the army men hiding in their various positions.  :)
Well, I'm almost out of time... I love you all!  Thanks again for your support!
Until next week!
Sister Dickison 

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