Monday, March 3, 2014


Welcome to March everyone :) 

So exactly one month from today I'll be at my half-way mark... that's weird.  I'm about the same age in the mission my trainer was when she started training me... so weird!  She seemed to have been here forever at that point! 

Basta... So there's this show here in the Philippines that's called either Foreig-noy or Foreign-nay, the first is a contest for guy foreigners and the second for girl foreigners.  The point is it's really, really popular in the Philippines right now and people are yelling "Foreig-nay!" everywhere we go.... we're trying to just take it as a compliment or whatever but it's getting a little old after like the 32nd time of hearing it in one day :)

Random funny - as Sister Sanders and I were doing our weekly planning, the plans we wrote down for finding new investigators were "Shake Lady and "mga bata" which means "children"... It was more funny at the time I wrote it down to mention it in my email, I swear...

Had some actually funny things happen this week.  I got a comb stuck in my hair during companionship study one morning... I was just, you know, twisting my hair around the comb like I usually would with a pen or something when... BAM... stuck.  Sister Sanders was laughing so hard at me and I don't blame her.... it literally took me like fifteen minutes to get it out of my hair... I was afraid we were going to have to cut it out of there....

So yeah... we worked with the Sister Training Leaders last Friday and at the end of the day they informed us our companionship study is just like something off of "The District" videos... we just burst into fits of giggling.... which is also what usually happens during our companionship study.  I don't think we've made it through our opening song without laughing in at least a week :)  We get along way too well... it's a problem because she's probably going to be transferred next week :( 

In addition to working with the STL's we also went on exchanges with some of the sisters in the Manila MTC.  It was my first time working with someone younger then me in the mission.  What a great experience it was!!  It was weird being the only one who could understand and speak during the lesson we taught, and I'd be lying if I said I did not have a headache for the rest of the day... it was a lot of Tagalog.... the lesson was really long :)  But, it was a great reminder for me to see just how far I've come in both the language and in being able to teach.  The Sister I worked with was super sweet and I know there are reasons I was supposed to work with her that day :) 

One thing (probably the only thing) that's been difficult about this area are the temptations.  I absolutely love being in an area that's more "city"... but just the feel of it is distracting sometimes.  With all of the malls, and the busy highways, the big buildings, restaurants, music blaring on very "colorful" jeepneys, and such, it's making me miss life before my mission a lot.  Not that that really makes sense... I'm from Small-Town, Utah for crying outloud! :)  I just keep trying to remember to throw myself into the work.  Thank goodness the work is so awesome here and makes it easy to love what I'm doing :)

I've been thinking about sacrifice lately.  Maybe because I keep on having to remind myself how small of a sacrifice of my time this is for so many wonderful blessings.  I've also thought a lot about how one of the hardest sacrifices we may make is sacrificing our pride.  I keep mentioning how I've got a lot of weaknesses, right?  Well I figured out you have to sacrifice your pride in order to allow weaknesses become strengths.  Something the STL I worked with and I talked about is being grateful to the Lord for giving us weaknesses.  I've never thought about being grateful for my weaknesses before.... and it's harder to do than it sounds.  I don't know... I'm still thinking about this whole thing... More on the subject next week, I guess. :)

Love you all always!!!  When you are having a rough time, just imagine me in front of the mirror for forever trying to get a comb out of my hair :) 
Sister Dickison  

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