Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm Training!!

So.... tomorrow my "anak" (that's child in Tagalog, in other words, my trainee) will be born into the mission field!!  I'm so stoked and yes, kind of nervous.  Really, really excited though.  As part of the fun of training, I won't find out who my anak is until I meet her tomorrow.  :)  Sister Sanders and I both knew that after having such an easy, amazing transfer together we would both have to experience a "more challenging" transfer for this upcoming one.  Sure enough, I'm training, and she has been called as a Sister Training Leader.  It's been great to be companions with two sisters who have been called to be an STL while I've been with them.  She is so amazing and she will do such a great job!  So happy for her!!  
Phew... so yeah... trying not to stress out here.  My anak will basically be born into one of the prime areas in the mission.   Seriously.... our ward is amazing, our area is beautiful, and the work here is absolutely the best.  We have so many amazing investigators here... phew... she is one lucky girl.  :)  Now the pressure is just for us to maintain that awesomeness.... haha.... not stressed at all! :P  
Joke-lang... it will be great.  
I'm really, really, really going to miss Sister Sanders.  This transfer has been a little bit unbelievable with how much fun everything's been.  I feel so blessed to have made so many life-long friends in the mission field.

 Our area is huge!  It takes us about an hour to come home every night since our house is in the other sisters' area.  We almost never use tricycles here which is so different from my last area.  All of it is either walking if we have time (because transportation can get expensive in this area) or most of the time we take multiple jeepneys to get to different parts of our area.   As a whole it a lot cleaner, more open, and less crowded than my last area.  Some of our area is in areas where there are huge rice fields so it's green over there, but for the most part we're in the city still.  We have two main highways that run through our area, and literally like five ginormous malls in our area... so yeah... it's definitely more in the city
So here's the low-down on our people....  The M family are doing awesome.  I seriously love that family!  They haven't been able to attend church for the last two weeks in a row which has been kind of disappointing.  They're super busy with moving into a new home.  However, we've had some awesome lessons with them.    They are wonderful!  Brother R will be baptized at the end of this month and keeps on chugging along steadily.  :)  He is continuing to be more talkative during our lessons.  He also is as solid as a rock when it comes to church attendance.  We still trying to help him to say prayers from the heart.  Sister H is diligent in her pamphlet reading and has started cruising through the Book of Mormon as well.  Last Sunday, she read Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life with us and we helped her to understand it and how it applies to her own life.  Such a great lesson!  She has such a wonderful desire to live the gospel and is going through some really tough times in her life right now.  We know she can do it as she continues to put her faith and trust in God.  Two of our investigators that we just met a few weeks ago are also progressing really well, especially the daughter.  She also is doing a great job of reading and we taught her about Joseph Smith and the Restoration yesterday.  
We had Mission Tour last week with Elder Larry Echo Hawk of the first quorum of the seventy and his wife.  It was so great to meet them and all of the talks were wonderful.  They helped me to remember my experience that led me to being a missionary, which I can see now was a really good reminder with my new calling as a trainer and my half-way mark coming up in just a few short weeks.  I feel so blessed to be a missionary!  I love this work and am so grateful that I still have so many months to spread the gospel here in the mission field!!  
Well... That's all for now.  'Til next week!
Love you all!
Sister Dickison 

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