Monday, March 24, 2014

Buhay Pa Rin :)


Just wanted to let you know that life is still going great here in the Quezon City Mission!  We had a wonderful time at zone interviews last Thursday and it was fun to see our Mission President and his wife there.  My love for the two of them grows every time I see them.  I'm so grateful to have them here in our mission and for their sacrifice for us and for the Lord.  
I'm doing just peachy :)  So I just read your letter (Mom) a few minutes ago and almost started crying, which, you know, never happens... :)  I understand what you're saying about looking at my pictures and feeling like it was all a dream or you just imagined me or something... sometimes it feels like that for me too.  That's why this morning, I pulled out some old letters you guys had sent me and started reading them.  Hand-written letters really do the trick :)  I wish I had known before that I would never stop missing home so I could have better prepared myself.  But I guess if I had known that, I may not have come.  

The longer I'm out here, the more I realize how symbolic being a missionary can be... in this case, to God's Plan of Happiness.  We lived as Spirit children of a loving Heavenly Father before this life.  There He loved and knew each one of us personally and we were happy... but we couldn't obtain a fullness of happiness by just living there with Him for forever.  He knew that they only way for us to truly be happy would be to let us go.... to send us somewhere where wouldn't be able to communicate face-to-face.  I think He knew it would be hard... infinitely harder for Him as so many of His children wouldn't even know He existed or would lose all contact with them.... but He also knew this would be the only way for us to learn and grow in order to become like Him.  He knew that for us... it would feel like a dream in some ways... and even then only for those of us who have the gospel in our lives.  How difficult and sad He must feel for those of His children who don't have the gospel... who have completely forgotten who they are and who He is and what the plan was.  
So... despite the fact that I long for home and to be reunited like none other, I know that God needs me here to help His children who have forgotten to remember.... to remember that we do have a loving Heavenly Father, that we had a life before this one and that our experience here is all part of the plan.  How blessed I feel to be able to help my brothers and sisters.  This time really is insanely short in the whole grand scheme of things... a small sacrifice to pay for the blessings I've received.  
I'm still here, just out of sight for a little while.
 My greenie is doing just great :)  She and I really do get along very well and I'm so grateful for her!!   I'm not doing a perfect job, but I'm continuing to learn and grow each day and hopefully my trainee will look back on these days with fondness :)  Actually... I'm pretty sure she will.... we have a lot of fun :)  
Dad, thanks for the reminder in taking things one day at a time... not just in terms of handling stress, but also in remembering to enjoy each day.  :)  It's easy as a missionary to keep moving forward by counting down time... until the next district meeting, the next p-day, the next zone conf., the next time to skype with family, and so on and so forth :)  I'm trying to remember to enjoy every day... even those days when it's insanely hot, we are getting punted at our appointments, and when I'm struggling with the language.  Gee... in some ways that sounds like a lot of days here.  :)  We have some golden investigators who are all struggling with big issues... kind of stressful, but I'm learning patience.  :)  Thank you for sharing your testimony as well :)  So true... there is no greater blessing or joy than having a sure witness of the truth and being able to share that with others.  :)  I love being a missionary!!  it's hard, but so wonderful!! 

Training.... I'm really loving it in spite of the stress.  My companion is so awesome and we have so much fun together!  I'm discovering that I'm learning so much at the same time she is.  In some ways, I feel like this is my training and not hers.  :)  
Love you all!
Sister Dickison

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