Monday, April 7, 2014

How to go "Finding" for Dummies...

Wow.... So last week was seriously awesome!!  Sister Tomasi and I just threw ourselves into the work and had some amazing lessons last week :)  First off.... we had member-present lessons every single day last week which was a first for me ever in my mission :)  It was so much fun to work with the ward missionaries and I think they are kind of trying to out-do each other now in working with us... Hallelujah!  Also... it was the first week in over a month that we didn't have any weird meetings to pull us away from work... Not that I don't love going to very long meetings or anything.... but yes... it was nice to return to normal work.  :)  Last Saturday the Sister Training Leaders came to work with us and I was pretty stressed about how to split our time and which parts of our area to work in... but it all worked out wonderfully.  :)  I worked with Sister Houser, who is an absolute partay, and we had some incredible, turning-point lessons.  :)  I also showed her how to doing finding "Sister Dickison style."  I was in the middle of talking to her as we were walking and tripped and fell (that happens a lot) and so of course the Filipino man standing in front of us next to his motorbike started laughing and told me this is what I get for coming the Philippines and need to return to my own country where it is safer.  Anywho... I ended up talking to him and giving him a pass-along card.  And so now Sister Houser knows how to OYM like the champs - make a complete fool out of yourself and hand out a pass-along card.  :) :)

I've been here for awhile, right?  But for some reason... I've been really struck lately by just how different the living conditions here are compared to America.  It's so sad.  I think I've been thinking about this a lot since we watched the General Women's Broadcast on Saturday.  I honestly almost cried several times watching it... just realizing how different my life is here (I've kinda forgotten.... you know, adapting to the culture and everything) and feeling so bad that for all of the people I love here, it's not going to suddenly drastically change for them.  I've never felt so blessed before in my life... which makes me all the more motivated to offer them what I have to give... the gift of the gospel.  I'm so grateful for this church and for the knowledge I have about God's plan for me.  Seriously... so so blessed here.  :)  
Thank you all for your continued prayers on my behalf and on the behalf of all the missionaries around the world.  We need them, and continue to reap the blessings from the obedience and faithfulness of members all around the world.  The gospel is true.  Now go share it with someone you love!!
Love you all!!
Love, Sister Dickison

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