Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last P-Day at the MTC!

Ah!!!!!!  Kumusta everyone!!!
Guess what.... I'm going to the PHILIPPINES IN THREE DAYS!!!!!  I'm just a little bit excited, as you can tell.  
Thanks for the letters and packages this last week.  Thank you especially for the packages from the Abshers, Dangerfields, and of course my pamilya.  :)  I loved the drawings and crafts from Zach and Michael!  And Michelle, Sister Koloi is obsessed with the cookies you sent.  :)  I also really, really enjoyed the goodies you sent.  :)   Thank you Laura for the ridiculously cute cards, candy, and sweet note!  Kyrie probably told you this, but I was able to see her two days ago several times in a row and got lots of hugs in.  :)  It was great, because she's practically my sister, right, so it was great to get to see and hug a family member before I leave on Monday.  :)
Both of our investigators commited to baptism this week (Hurray!!!)!  It was really cool, because our teacher Bro. Langer was actually playing himself as an investigator.  He was baptized when he was 18 and then left for a mission a year later to the Philippines.  It was neat, because teaching him as he played himself as he was a few years ago is just about as close to real as it could get here in the MTC. 
I saw little Brock Englestead show up as I hosted on Wednesday.  So crazy!  He's the same age as most of the elders in my district... ah!!  I also saw Elder Hadlock RIGHT after he said good-bye to his family and I was then able to visit with him the next day in the caf. 
We had In-Field orientation yesterday and it got me so excited to head out to the Philippines on Monday!!  Crazy to think next time I email you all it will be on the other side of the world. 
Man... I have tons more to say, but I'm running out of time... as usual.
Love you all!!
Sister Dickison

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