Monday, June 2, 2014


Hellllooooo everyone!!

Well, it's that time again... transfers. :)  This is the first transfer that it really has sneaked up on me... time is going by too fast!!  Maybe it had something to do with having such an eventful last transfer :)  So... good news.... I am staying here! :)  No surprises there :)  My new companion will be Sister Fewster!  I'm so excited to be her companion!!  She entered the mission field at the same time as my anak, Sister Tomasi, so I briefly got to meet her at the mission home that day.  She is from England... the only British missionary in our entire mission.  She was born in the Philippines though---very cool!  Sister Fewster has been on the island of Mindoro for the last two transfers so I can't wait to hear about here adventurous times in "the jungle". :)
Sister Sikotilani will be transferring to Tatay Zone and will be follow-up training... meaning her companion will be on her 2nd transfer in the field.  Sister Strebel and I are being taken away from each other again (darn it) and she will be transferring to the Quezon City Zone.  Sister McCarthy is staying and she... will be training!!!  I'm so excited for her and so excited to have a newbie in the house again :)  I'm really looking forward to this next transfer!  I still don't know my area as well as I would like to.... between the emergency transfer and the multiple trips to the hospital/having to rest and recover at home, BUT... we have awesome branch missionaries who love working with us, so it will be just fine. 
Last Tuesday, I got to leave the Missionary Recovery Center and return to "the real world."  :)  Our whole zone did a session at the temple and got to see the new temple video, which was pretty cool.  After that, we went on temporary exchanges (there have been a lot of those this transfer) because Sister Strebel and I were both asked to sing in the mini choir for the Mission Conference later that day... so we went to the Mission Office and to choir practice.  A few hours later our whole mission was there... minus those elders and sisters serving on Mindoro.  It was sssoooo cool!!  It was so much fun to be there with literally, almost everyone!!  All of my companions were there except for Sister Jones because she was on Mindoro.  Lot's of people asked me about my surgery and there was a lot of attention... which was a little uncomfortable but oh well... at least it helped me realize just how many friends I've made in the last year.  :)  The singing went well and the conference with President Christensen was great!!  
The next day I went back to work... hallelujah!!  We had some great appointments but I was in a lot of pain, so starting Friday night I put myself on bed rest...   I didn't go back to work until yesterday.... it was rough.  Finding a balance between taking care of my body and taking care of my area/people has been difficult...  The doctor says I'm ok to work when I feel up to it as long as I keep drinking lots of water.  I'm just discovering that I'm not very good at "listening to my body."  :P  I just want someone to tell me when I should stay home and when I should work....   Well, I feel better now than I did over the weekend... I'll just need to drink water, take pain meds (I hate taking medicine!)  and take it slow... :) 
My Aunt Kathy just reminded me of something in the email she sent me... back when I wasn't a missionary, I had this picture in my bedroom that said "I can do hard things".... honestly, I love that quote, and I had forgotten about it until Kathy mentioned it in her email.  :)  That quote kinda was my motivation for everything before... when I was going through trials it was like, whatever... I can do it because I can do hard things.  I guess I just forgot that a little lately... so it was good to be reminded of it.  :)
So... a funny from this week.  Last Sunday, in our sweet little branch, I got a big welcome back from the 1st counselor at the pulpit, who informed our branch that I was back from undergoing a "major operation."  Sister McCarthy thought that was hilarious... and is still calling me "Major Operation."  :) 
Love you all!!  Thank you so much for the emails and for your prayers!!  
Hope you all have a great week!!
Love, Sister Dickison

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