Monday, June 9, 2014

"Like a Fire is Burning"

This last week has been awesome!  I've been feeling a little bit better and been able to almost go fully back to work... just had to quit a little early both Friday and yesterday nights.  Hoping that everything will go well at the hospital on Saturday when they take the stent out of me.  (I will be under general anesthesia again.)  I'm getting another priesthood blessing from my District Leader tomorrow so I'm sure it will all be fine :)
Well.... this last week really has been amazing.  It's a new transfer with a new companion and I'm feeling the fire of missionary work again.  It's been awhile... that fire just kinda got lost because of a lot things.... weird events occurring like stalkers and surgeries, hitting that "I've been on my mission for awhile now and feeling kind of tired funk"... but now, it's all gone and I'm feeling great again :)
My new companion is adorable.  I just love her to pieces!!   She is on her third transfer and just loves life... the people here, the work, this area, and is so optimistic about everything :)  Personal and companionship study have become fun again... and I would hate it when study time's over, but, then we get to go out and teach so... life's still good :)  Sister Fewster and I are really going to give it our all this transfer... and next transfer as well since, you know, we've just decided that we're both going to stay here together for next transfer.  ;)  Right now, we're planning on making the branch directory our new best friend.  We're going to use it to figure out who the heck all of the members are here, find and reactive less-actives, receive referrals through member visits, and fix all of the problems with the directory as we go... pretty excited stuff.  It's going to be revolutionary. :)  Okay... this totally wasn't my idea.  It's what everyone decided to do in Marikina Zone right before I got transferred outta there... I was instructed to take the idea and apply it here.... and then my normal missionary life got turned upside down with the health problems but now it's back to normal so we're going to give it a try :)
We have quite a few investigators who are really progressing and we love teaching them.  Sister Fewster and I also are on the search for new people to teach.  Since I can't spend a lot of time roaming around on the streets trying to OYM because of my physical challenges as of late, we're really going to push for receiving referrals from the members.  Our branch is already pretty awesome about referrals.
Life's good... the mission's great :)  When you have a chance, I encourage you to read in Alma around chapter 24... there are some pretty amazing stories of missionaries in there. :)
Love ya all!
Love, Sister Dickison

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