Monday, May 19, 2014

Living the life!

Magandang hapon sa lahat!!

Man... as I'm going through all of my pictures to send home I'm realizing we had a pretty busy/fun last week.  I'm going to go through the events from the most recent to the oldest because that's how the pictures went.  So earlier we had our zone activity.  One of the couple missionaries serving here drove us to the activity so we enjoyed some nice air-con in their car. :)  Not all of the elders in our zone attended but most did.  We went to a beautiful place which reminded me of home... hiking in the mountains.  :)  We did not however go hiking; instead we went off of the side of the road and had a big marshmallow fight.  It was absolutely disgusting and so much fun!  I loved watching the couple missionaries spitting marshmallows out of straws at people.  I got hit pretty good a couple of times... at some point three of the elders decided to gang up on me and I had spit-covered mallows all over my face. :) 
Last night we held a Missionary Fireside in our Branch.  The Branch Presidency did a presentation and then we Sister Missionaries with the help of the ward missionaries did a role play.  We acted out how not to act/fellowship during church and then acted out the right way as well.  It went surprisingly well for not having very much preparation go into it.  We also had a pretty darn good turn out from our branch, hallelujah. 
Last Thursday night, we had an awesome lesson with a less-active family.  There was this activity we had learned the day before in our Zone Conference that we decided to test out on this family.  The goal of the activity is to get referrals by encouraging members to share the gospel with their friends, but it ended up being an amazing object lesson in inviting less-actives to come to church.  The Spirit was ssoooo strong and everyone was crying by the end... except for me of course... I still don't cry. (ha!)
 Last Thursday morning we did a service project at the home of a recent convert of ours.  We mixed concrete and put a floor in his house.  It was a fun service project even though it was so hot. 
Last Wednesday we had our combined Zone Conference with two other zones.  I was able to talk to the sisters who are now serving in my first area in Pateros and get caught up about some of the people in that area.  The Zone Conference was my favorite one I've had thus far.  All of the workshops and speakers were excellent and I loved the testimony of the Elder who is going home after this transfer. 
Phew.... such a busy week!!  I'm loving my life here in the Philippines!  The people are so friendly and I feel like each transfer it's easier to adjust to a new area and you become closer the ward/branch members faster.  It's been fun to get to know some of the couple missionaries better.  We caught a ride with another couple both to and from the Zone Conference.  They're hilarious!  Glad to know it's not just us YSA missionaries who have some sass.  :) 
I love you all!  Hope you have an awesome week and may God bless you!
Love, Sister Dickison
P.S.... since I'm planning on going home a transfer early to be home in time for school, I hit my "6-month's-left-mark" like, today or tomorrow.... Ahhhh!!!  It's going too fast!

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