Monday, September 1, 2014

Reunited and it Feels so Good :)‏

Hello!!  Kamusta po kayo!?

It's been such an amazing first few days here in Cogeo!  I'm loving it!!  It's so much fun to be with Sister Alailima again!!  We're having a blast!  So many times during those first few days especially, we would be doing something, like reciting the missionary purpose, and then just look at each other and bust up laughing... it's just so weird to be together again, after a year, and remembering how life was in the MTC when we had no clue what we were doing :)  So great.  I love teaching with her!  She is such a great teacher and so good at the language as well.  I'm learning lots from her every day.  Our area is so, so mountainy!!  My legs have been so sore, but I know that's got to be a good thing.... how blessed I am to be getting a serious hill workout almost everyday before I come home, haha!  The area is so beautiful!!  Our apartment is beautiful as well and we have an awesome view from our bedroom window of Cogeo and the mountains, love it!!  Haven't really had to do much with the whole STL thing yet :)  But, we'll be attending Mission Leadership Council later this week and then I'll be going on my first exchanges as an STL.  Should be exciting :)  Cool thing, Elder Hammond is the new Training Assistant in our mission, and Elders Anderson, Martin, and Tinsley are all Zone Leaders, so we'll be kind of having a mini reunion at Mission Leadership Council :)

The ward here is doing so well!  Yesterday, Sister Alailima said our attendance was three times as much what it was her first week here.  The work in Cogeo is just booming!!  Our gospel principles class was so full yesterday!  Loved seeing so many  investigators there.  We also had so many less-actives attend church.  They just barely called a new bishop in this ward and you can feel his enthusiasm.  :)  He is so masipag and has been make visits every day to the members and you can just feel his love for the people in this ward.  He also is full of lots of ideas to really help this ward grow.  So excited to be working with him for the next few months!! 
It was hard to say good bye to Morong... I really do love it out there, but I'm already in love with this area, ward, and especially the people.  This ward has the most interesting collection of characters I've ever seen and my abs are still hurting from laughing so much yesterday. 

We have some awesome investigators here who are so ready to accept the gospel.  I love it!! 
All in all, life is good and I'm so excited to be serving here in Cogeo!
Love you all an hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dickison
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