Monday, July 28, 2014

Busy wonderful week :)

What a busy week we've had here in Morong!!  We found 9 new investigators this week as well as taught 30 lessons... It was awesome!!  Kim's baptism went really, really well.  It started an hour and a half late, because the Branch President was in a town about an hour away but he eventually made it there and we were able to start.  Kim looked so beautiful and I think it was the first time I've ever seen anyone start hitting the person who was baptizing them right after they came out in the water.  Apparently she forgot to plug her nose or something and so water got up it and then she took out her anger on Paul, the branch missionary who baptized her... it was all quite funny, and definitely something she'll never forget nor will we.  Her confirmation was beautiful as well.
Just thought I'd share a story or two with you all from this week...  So last Tuesday, we taught one of the less-actives members in our area, and her husband who is one of our investigators.  She had just been released from the hospital and had measles so we asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing.  She said yes and her husband was very enthusiastic about the blessing.  So we scheduled to come over the next morning and then later that day, contacted the branch leaders to find out who would be available to give the blessing.  However, things didn't end up working out for that person to be there to give the blessing.  Just a few hours before it was time for the blessing,  I felt prompted to go and ask this one member that we'd just visited on Monday to see if he would be willing.  He was the E.Q. president not too long ago.  So we showed up at his house, asked, and he said he was more than willing too.  An hour later we went with him to her house where he gave her the blessing and her husband was also present.  It was just awesome to watch this previous E.Q. president feel "needed" again. :)
We are really working on getting the recent converts and less-active members more involved in the missionary work in our area.  My testimony has a grown a lot about that statement President Hinckley made when he said that one of the three things every convert needs is a calling/responsibility.  I think it's something every member needs... everyone's help/talents/abilities really are needed for building up the Lord's kingdom here on earth as well as preparing for the Second Coming.
We also had a really wonderful lesson with one of the less-active families that we've been visiting every week since I got into this area.  We went to their small house where there was this huge tree missing from the front.  This was the first time we were able to visit them since the typhoon hit.  They said the tree had fallen on their house (fortunately no one was there) and destroyed most of it.  We just sat there and Sister Fewster started to cry.  We were so grateful that all of them were okay and we just bore testimony about how much God loves them.  Yesterday, we were happily surprised when we walked into the chapel to see their whole family sitting on a bench, bright and early.  :) :)  Ahhh.... miracles :)
Well... that's all for this week. :)  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoys this week as we head into August... (ahh!!!!  The time is going by too fast!!) :)
Love you all!!!
Love, Sister Dickison

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