Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Same area, new companion!

Hello everyone!  It's transfer week here and I am staying in this same area but will have a new companion in less than a day.  Her name is Sister Jones and even though I have never met her I've already been told that she is from Mesa, Arizona, super, super nice, super talented at both singing and playing the piano, can speak the language really well, and that I will love her.  Yeah... I'm pretty excited to meet her tomorrow.  :)
Phew... so this last week was pretty darn good.  The only bummer was with our investigators that we were planning to take with us to church.  We showed up at their house around 2:00 to pick them up like we had planned, but the grandmother told us their daughter had a headache so they couldn't go.... For the second week in a row.  So... time for the big lesson Sister Dickison learned this week... more about patience.  :)  I've always struggled with patience... I just want to be able to do everything fast; if there is a problem or mistake, to fix it asap and move on.  If I'm not learning as fast as I should, quickly fix whatever is wrong so that I can learn quicker.  Yeah... that doesn't really work.  Change takes time... learning and growing are life-long processes.  The important thing is that you are actively trying to learn and to grow and to change instead of just staying at a standstill.  The Filipino culture is sssoooooo much slower-paced than the culture I'm used to, and that's been really difficult to try to adjust to.  Trying to find the balance is the most difficult thing - not moving too fast or too slow. 
I guess in the end the most important thing is to continue to try to "do your best and than hang the rest," a common phrase at the Dickison house while I was growing up.  :)  
Okay... that's all for this week.  Thanks for everything guys!  I love you all tons!
Love, Sister Dickison

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